Our Watershed Management Plan

The Elbow River Watershed Partnership (ERWP), working with a dedicated committee of stakeholders and scientists, including the Bow Basin Watershed Management Plan (BBWMP) Technical Committee, released a draft of our Water Management Plan in May 2008. The final document, the pdf Elbow River Basin Water Management Plan (1.63 MB) (1.63 MB) (ERBWMP), was released in January 2009. This Plan focuses on issues of water quality and developing water quality objectives (since water quantity (i.e., water conservation objectives for the Elbow River) had already been addressed in the South Saskatchewan River Basin Water Management Plan) .elbow riverfall

The ERBWMP has four intended outcomes. The first three are aligned with Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy, while the fourth addresses the importance of local stewardship.

  1. Safe, secure drinking water supply
  2. Healthy aquatic ecosystems
  3. Reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy
  4. Inclusive, integrated and committed stewardship of the river and watershed

Following the release of the final Plan, an implementation committee was struck in September 2008, with representation from all the primary decision-making authorities within the basin. The draft goals of the committee were:

  • To ensure water quality data is sufficient and made available in the most efficient manner
  • To enhance watershed stewardship
  • To assist decision-makers with their implementation plans through education and communication
  • To facilitate the creation of partnerships to undertake appropriate research and carry out implementation strategies
  • To locate technical advice, as required

Each jurisdiction and agency was asked to provide the Committee with information on the actions that it takes to implement the Plan. It is intended that this information will be compiled and posted on this web page.

In 2016, seven years after the Water Management Plan was approved, the Board of Directors of the ERWP directed that a review of the ERBWMP and its implementation take place. This effort is ongoing.