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Land Stewardship

  • The Lay of the Land: An Inventory of Federal and Provincial Stewardship Policy in Western Canada (2007)
    This report was prepared by Canada West Foundation's Land Stewardship Initiative. The following is an excerpt from the Executive Summary: "This report presents an overview of current federal and provincial government land stewardship policies in western Canada. Land stewardship is the practice of responsible land usage to ensure that natural capital is maintained or enhanced for future generations. Natural capital includes a wide range of ecological goods and services...Land stewardship policies are actions taken by government that require, enable or encourage land users to manage land in ways that maintain or enhance natural capital for future generations." Click here for the link to the entire executive summary, background information on the Land Stewardship Initiative, and downloadable pdf version of the report.
  • Legal Tools for Municipalities to Conserve Environmentally Sensitive Areas
    This document provides a general summary of some of the tools available for conservation. Taken from Kwasniak, A. 2001. Alberta Wetlands - A Legal & Policy Guide. Environmental Law Centre and Ducks Unlimited Canada. Adapted by the City of Calgary. Click here for the summary.
  • Running Pure - The Importance of Forest Protected Areas to Drinking Water (2003)
    Prepared by the World Bank and the WWF Alliance for Forest Conservation and Sustainabe Use, this report provides an excellent, easy-to-understand overview of watershed protection, and in particular the role of protected areas in helping to maintain water supply. It outlines case studies from around the world and provides perspectives on water quality, hydrology, and the social and economic aspects of watershed protection. Click here to access the full report.


Environmental Reserve Setback Guidelines (2007)
These guidelines for the City of Calgary were adopted by City Council on May 7, 2007. The development of the ER setback guidelines and related policy stemmed from the city’s Wetland Conservation Plan and recognition that 6-metre minimum environmental setbacks as per the Municipal Government Act (MGA) might not be sufficient to adequately protect adjacent waterbodies from pollution. The guidelines are in accordance with the MGA and only deal with new sub-divisions. Click on the following for (1) pdf City of Calgary Environmental Reserve Setback Guidelines (197 KB) , (2) pdf Draft Riparian Policy and Literature Review (4.71 MB)  (prepared by Alpine Environmental), or (3) pdf Summary of the Benefits of Protecting Riparian Buffers (273 KB) .

  • Review of Riparian Management Policy in Alberta's Forests (2005)
    Produced by Alberta Sustainable Resource Development's (SRD's) Riparian Management Committee. The Committee's stated objectives in undertaking the review were to1) establish SRD goals for riparian management in forested areas in the green zone, 2) describe current riparian management policy and its implementation, 3) assess consistency of policy implementation, 4) assess success of current policy in meeting SRD goals, 5) provide direction for future revisions to riparian management policy, and 6) identify knowledge gaps.  pdf Click here to download the report (151 KB)

Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management Guidelines for the Province of Alberta (1999)
Produced by Alberta Environment. This 196-page document covers planning for stormwater management, drainage systems for urban areas, stormwater quantity and quality, stormwater best management practices, and operation and maintenance considerations.Click here to access the document. (Stormwater management requires the approval of Alberta Environment under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act and the Water Act.)

Watershed Management 

Heart Waters - Book on Headwaters Management by Kevin Van Tighem 2015

Watershed Stewardship

  • Municipal Guide - Planning for a Healthy and Sustainable North Saskatchewan River Watershed (2006)
    Anyone who is interested in voluntary stewardship of watersheds in Alberta will find this comprehensive guide, prepared by the North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance, useful. Although the primary focus is on the North Saskatchewan watershed, the guide provides a wealth of information ranging from the components and values of a healthy watershed and issues facing watersheds in general to legislation and government bodies relevant to watershed health.  pdf Municipal Guide: Planning for a Healthy and Sustainable North Saskatchewan River Watershed (2.01 MB)  You can also access individual chapters on the NSWA website.


The report reviews more than 1,200 peer-reviewed publications and summarizes current scientific understanding about the connectivity and mechanisms by which streams and wetlands, singly or in aggregate, affect the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of downstream waters. The focus of the report is on surface and shallow subsurface connections by which small or temporary streams, nontidal wetlands, and open waters affect larger waters such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and estuaries.