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NEW Virtual Field School!

Our Freshwater Field Study Program is going virtual! Watch this 3 ½ minute video to find out more!

For more information on the (virtual) Freshwater Field Study program please contact the ERWP or email Anne

This downloadable poster has all of the details regarding this program offering  pdf Virtual Freshwater Field School program (18.93 MB)

Quick facts 

  • The Field School program is operated/administered in partnership with the Elbow River Watershed Partnership and Kananaskis Country, Environmental Education Program
  • The Field School started in the Spring in 2005
  • Over 20,000 students have participated in the program since it's inception
  • Over 2,370 volunteers participated in the program between 2005 and 2019
  • 273 schools participated between 2005 and 2019
  • We have had both spring and fall programs since 2008
  • Freshwater Field Study FAQ document download pdf FAQ - Freshwater Field School Program (307 KB)

Our Freshwater Field School was the feature of our September 2015 newsletter. Read more about it in the news section.

Questions about the Freshwater Field School program? Ask Anne

The Administrator of the program for bookings is Anne Naumann. Anne works part-time and will respond to email inquiries as soon as possible. Bookings for Spring programs are accepted starting January 2nd. Bookings for Fall programs are accepted starting June 1st.

For teachers:

Information About the Freshwater Field Study Program
Here is some information about the program that you may need when booking. We can book a maximum of 2 groups per field trip date. The Fresh Water Field Study program still costs only $300 per group and consists of 3 main components:

  1. an in-class presentation, about 1 hour in length (during the school day), one for each group or class that will be attending the field study. This involves the Alberta Parks presenter coming to your school to talk about the program and let the students and teachers know what to expect.
  2. a teacher workshop, about 30 minutes in length (offered at lunch or after school on the same date as the in-class), for the Alberta Parks presenter to provide additional information to the teachers who will be attending the field studies.
  3. the field study itself, an all-day field trip (i.e. 3 to 5 hours plus travel time to & from the school by bus to the field locations) to test the water for a variety of abiotic & biotic features, and also study the land use impacts on the aquatic ecosystem. The program is adapted for the grade level attending.

Information About Booking

If you would like to book a program for your school for the Spring of 2019, when you submit your request we will need the following information to begin the booking process:

  • name & address of your School
  • name & email address of the Lead Teacher (main contact for us)
  • how many groups / classes you want to send (generally a max of 35 students & adults per group)
  • Grade level of the group(s) you want to send (Gr 8, 9, Bio 20, AP Bio 20) -- the program is adapted for the grade level attending
  • the possible dates in April for your in-class presentations, including early dismissal days (1 per group, max 4 groups at 1 school per day) -- note, the Teacher Workshop will be set for the same day
  • the possible dates in May & June for your field study day(s) -- Note: if you have 1 class, or an odd number of classes you want to send, we may ask if you are able to send that single class in early May as the 1stclass of the season, to allow the AB Parks interns to deliver the program under the supervision of the AB Parks Environmental Education Coordinator, as the final step in their training

If you are interested in booking and haven't provided all the information above, please forward that information as soon as possible. We'll get back to you as soon as we can, thanks.

More information on the Freshwater Field Study Program
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Program Partners facilitating Field Study Educator training:

  • Alberta Parks, Kananaskis Region
  • Alberta Tomorrow
  • Bow River Basin Council
  • The City of Calgary
  • Colpitts Ranch
  • Elbow River Watershed Partnership
  • Glencoe Golf & Country Club
  • Glenbow Museum
  • Shell Canada Ltd.
  • Spray Lake Sawmills
  • Trout Unlimited
  • Tsuut'ina Cultural Museum
  • University of Calgary, Earth Sciences