Staff and Board of Directors

The Elbow River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) is an NGO that is operated in Alberta. In order to fill its mandate it employs a Watershed Coordinator and is guided by a Board of Directors. 


Board of Directors

The board of Membership and Category represented:

Mike Murray cropped

Mike Murray - Bow River Basin Council (Community Groups & Associations) 

Mike Murray is the Program Manager with the non-profit Charity, the Bow River Basin Council. For the past 12 years. Mike has befitted great and enjoyed working with many knowledgeable and passionate people that make up the Bow River Basin Council Membership. Mike works with volunteers on projects such as the Bow Basin Watershed Management Plan Implementation phase and the upcoming State of the Basin projects. In his role Mike works very closely with the Watershed stewardship groups in the Bow Basin and currently serves as a Board member of the Elbow River Watershed Partnership, the Calgary River Valleys and is the current chair of the Alberta Stewardship Network Grant Committee. Mike’s educational background is in Ecology at the University of Calgary. Prior to working at the Council Mike has enjoyed working in roles including field entomological studies, soil/water toxicology in both research and commercial applications. Mike is an active volunteer in his community and particularly enjoys coaching his children’s youth soccer teams.
Dan Brown (Industry and Academia)
Dan Brown, M.Sc., P.Geol., is a recently retired Principal and Senior Hydrogeologist from the Calgary office of Golder Associates. Dan has close to 40 years of hydrogeology experience in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario. Including carrying out regional groundwater assessments, groundwater supply investigations, and aquifer protection studies. Dan lives in Cochrane with his wife, Lois, with whom he actively hikes and travels. He has been on the ERWP Board for two years and his main interests are water resource protection and conservation, as well as educating people about the importance of groundwater in the hydrologic cycle.

Mark Giesbrecht ERWP

Mark Giesbrecht (Industry and Academia)


Mark Giesbrecht, MSc, is a Lead GIS Professional with a couple decades of industry experience, working for Suncor on the Upstream GIS team.  He holds a B.Sc. degree in Geography from the University of Calgary, and a Master of Science Geography degree from McMasters University.  His educational background in GIS has a hydrology focus, modeling past Alberta flood events, and has published articles and conference proceedings on snowmelt modeling using geospatial techniques.   An eager outdoorsman, Mark enjoys his time mountain biking, skiing, and wandering around the foothills.


Andrews Takyi - City of Calgary 

Andrews Takyi is a Water Resources Engineer at The City of Calgary. He holds a Ph.D. in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering. Andrews has over 25 years of research, university teaching, consulting and industry experience in environmental/water resources design, planning, and management.  His current work at The City includes water quality modelling and assessment for watersheds and natural receiving surface water systems. Prior to joining The City, Andrews’ work involved providing leadership and direction to engineers, scientists and planners and reviewing aquatic aspects of project deliverables from the conceptual stage through planning, design, construction and operations to decommissioning and closure. In the past, he represented his previous employer on regional environmental committees and multi-stakeholder associations in Alberta, including the Canadian Oil Sands Network for Research and Development, Cumulative Environmental Management Association, Regional Aquatics Monitoring Program, Oil Sands Leadership Initiative and Canada's Oil Sands Innovation Alliance. Andrews is looking forward to contribute his experience and technical expertise on watershed planning and management to the Elbow River Watershed Partnership. 


Bianca Duncan - Rocky View County


Brock Coates



  • Board positions include: First Nations, Agriculture/ Equine /Aquaculture, Government, Industry and Academia.  


  • Co-ordinate the development and implementation of a strategic plan and process to accomplish stated goals, with input from resource partners and stakeholder committee
  • Meet as required
  • Manage finances within approved budget
  • Provide recommendations and liaise with Local Government Committee
  • Define role, liaise with, and supervise watershed coordinator
  • Participate in fundraising initiatives as required
  • Chair and/or Watershed Coordinator act as public spokespersons for the Partnership


ERWP Communications Committee 

Ann Sullivan - Newsletter Editor
Diane Coleman
Flora Giesbrecht
Liz Breakey
Ryan Bennett

RyanBennettRyan Bennett has lived in the Bragg Creek area for his entire life, and his time exploring the landscapes of the Elbow River headwaters was one of the main reasons he chose to pursue a career in the Environmental Sciences. With a BSc in Environmental Science from the University of Calgary, and a MSc in Environmental Practice from Royal Roads University, Ryan's young career has seen him gain experience with Alberta Environment and Parks, in environmental consulting, and most recently working on watershed research with the Foothills Research Institute. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring the foothills and mountains, playing hockey, and spending time with family and friends.


The Watershed Coordinator role is to organize and steward activities that lead to improving water management in the Elbow River watershed. Focus is on the establishment of a comprehensive management plan. Work with all interests that are or will affect the health of the watershed including all levels of government, elected officials, business people, community groups, watershed residents, and interested citizens.

flora ERWPFlora Giesbrecht, Watershed Coordinator (Non-voting member)

Flora thoroughly enjoys working with the ERWP, whose interests lie in protecting our most precious resource, the drinking source for one in 6 Albertans. Flora understands the importance of engaging stakeholders in a collaborative way, in protecting fresh water and riparian zones and in water-related education. Of particular interest to her is the bilateral interaction between anthropomorphic influences and our natural surroundings (human influences on nature and nature's influences on humans). When not engaged in the "water world", Flora enjoys coaching cross country skiing, mountain biking and hiking with her family and friends, and painting.

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Anne Naumann, Freshwater Field Studies Coordinator

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