Elbow River Watershed Partnership (ERWP)  


Working together for a healthy Elbow River watershed.

Mission Statement

The Elbow River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) provides a forum for learning about watershed management and the land-water connection. Using local knowledge and scientific expertise, the ERWP promotes watershed management improvement through collaborative, targeted and cost-effective actions by citizens and stakeholders.


  • Encourage individuals and communities take responsibility to protect and enhance water quality and quantity in the Elbow River Watershed
  • Encourage the use of new technologies for water conservation
  • Encourage best water management and land use practices
  • Support cooperation, coordination, and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders
  • Minimize the negative impacts of land uses on water quality and quantity
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the watershed

Achieving the Goals

Achieving the goals will require the collaborative efforts of groups (private sector, government and public interest) active in the Elbow watershed. The Partnership will provide the discussion and action forum to focus and coordinate watershed management efforts. The Partnership will identify actions necessary to protect or maintain the watershed; and will work cooperatively to implement those actions with appropriate organizations or agencies.

The Partnership acknowledges that individual groups are and will continue to work towards their individual objectives. The Partnership is not a regulatory group and does not seek the authority to compel action. Member organizations can be expected to fulfil externally mandated (i.e., Legislated or Codes of Practice) responsibilities but it is not the role of the Partnership to ensure that they do so. Agencies with regulatory authority retain that responsibility and there is no expectation that any of that authority will be delegated to the Partnership.

Guiding Principles

    • Environmentally appropriate management practices are cost effective
    • Effective environmental and watershed stewardship practices come from a forum where all stakeholders can participate and contribute
    • Our approach is open, inclusive and purpose driven
    • Stakeholders are encouraged to contribute their expertise in the process
    • Stakeholders work in cooperation with one another toward achieving our goals
    • We respect and value the opinions of others
    • The process is flexible to allow for change
    • Membership is voluntary
    • We follow the best available scientific understanding of issues, cause and effect relationships and best management practices
    • Decision-making in all committees is by consensus