As a non-profit organization, the ERWP relies significantly on the contributions of many volunteers to support our projects and assist with raising funds. Numerous no-experience-required opportunities to participate are offered during each year and without this support, the ERWP would cease to function effectively in enhancing the health of our watershed. Whether this means taking water quality measurements, restoring damaged riparian areas or taking a shift at our regular fundraising casinos — every opportunity provides the ERWP with much-needed assistance, and provides our volunteers with a unique social and learning experience.

To recognize the contributions of volunteers, the ERWP has instituted an Annual Volunteer Award to be announced at our Annual General Meeting each year.

If you wish to volunteer your time, please complete the form and register to receive our quarterly newsletter and more frequent news updates. Our Watershed Coordinator (who can be reached at 403-268-4520 or coordinator@erwp.org) will be in touch with you! Thank you for your support.